Free Agency Frenzy pt.1, QBs

The frenzied free agency Market opened up March 5th and it has been nothing short of surprising, yet exciting as usual. This year’s free agency frenzy may get a bit crazier due to the NFL’s team capital increases. Some teams will use that wiggle room to have the perfect depth the their team while other teams will richly pay specific players, more on those new fortunate faces later. Due to the upcoming 2018 NFL Draft class being one of the better quarterback class in a few years, many teams are seeking their new franchise quarterback, causing a lot of toss in the free agent quarterback contract or surprising trades.


Thus far we have had the Vikings trade Case Keenum to the Broncos on a 2-year, $36M contract for Trevor Siemian. The Broncos struggled last season with a consistently reliable quarterback, so after seeing what Keenum pulled off with Minnesota’s miracle season, Keenum could be of great use to the Broncos. Speaking of the Vikings the won the “auction” of former Redskin’s quarterback, Kirk Cousins paying him a pretty contract of 3 years, $84M guaranteed contract. Cousins has proven that he can perform, so with the weapons the Vikings offense has, it should be interesting to see how he excels with the Vikings. Teddy Bridgewater signed a 1 year, $6M deal with the Jets and recent sources say that Bridgewater’s former coach Zimmerman doesn’t believe that Bridgewater is 100 percent yet. Sam Bradford signed an up to $20M contract with the Cardinals, Blaine Gabbert signs with the Titans, and Chad Henne signs with the Chiefs a 2 year, $6.7M deal per source. The Browns sign Drew Stanton to a 2-year, $6.5M and still expected to pick up another quarterback in the 2018 draft.

With a newly announce Odell Beckham Jr. on the trade market, well update all the free agent and traded wide receivers next. Stay Tuned!


Rolling Stone did it again!

IMG_6895The Sports Kase had the pleasure of being on the red carpet at the beautiful set up of International Market Square, Minneapolis and interviewing A-list celebrities and athletes that all said, “attending the Rolling Stone Super Bowl party is a must”. Celebrities, athletes, and personalities such as, DJ Cassidy, Aly Raisman, 21 Savage, Emmitt Smith, Chris Humphries, David Johnson, Tim Tebow, Travis Kelce, and many more were excited guests of the 2018 Rolling Stone Party.

Can someone say intuition? because I have the opportunity to interview Tim Tebow, whom you would recognize as a former University of Florida quarterback, College Football analyst, and current baseball player. My gut had a feeling about the Eagles and their opportunity in Super Bowl 52, so I asked Tebow for his insight on how and why the Eagles will win? Tebow mentioned the success of the Eagles defense and to hear the rest, head over to Sports Kase and Vegas Sports Daily! 😉

Aside from the red carpet excitement was the party and entertainment itself! Migos showed us why they are platinum artist with their great performance, along with 21 Savage, and DJ Cassidy! Safe to say that Rolling Stone did it again and with the help of Talent Resources and their staff, another successful and rave worthy Super Bowl is in the books!


2018 Rolling Stone Super Bowl Party


I am so excited to be working with Florida National News and Vegas Sports Daily where I will have the pleasure of coming to you live from the red carpet and inside one of the finest parties of Super Bowl weekend! Friday, February 2nd, Rolling Stone Magazine will be kicking off their 7th annual Super Bowl Party at International Market Square in Minneapolis, Minnesota, one of the top chart events to attend during sport’s biggest and most exciting weekends!

Rolling Stone always host the top athletes and celebrities for their elaborate event. Last year athletes, celebrities, and influencers from Stephan and Ayesha Curry, Alyssa Milano; Entourage’s, Adrian Grenier; Big Sean; Olivia Culpo, Odell Beckham Jr., Cam Jordan, Warren Sapp, and so many more were in attendance! As well as performances by Diplo and Nas in celebration of Rolling Stone’s 50th anniversary.

Rolling Stone, the driving force for combining music and pop culture, is known to out-do itself with decades of superlative events and parties, so we can only imagine what excitement we are all in for this year, starting with the headlining entertainment for the 2018 Rolling Stone Super Bowl party is none other than Grammy Award nominated multi platinum recording group, Migos, known for chart hits such as, Bad & Boujee, Slippery, and featured on Motorsport with heavy hitter artists, Nicki Minaj and Cardi B.

And did we mention their ability to out-do themselves? Because for the first time ever, Rolling Stone is teaming up with global music and entertainment platform, Tidal, live-streaming the performances for fans all over the world to be apart of the experience!

Will the Bucs Bounce Back versus the Panthers?


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After being on the road the past two games and having two tough losses, the Bucs return home to an in division game versus the Panthers!

The Bucs had an impressive almost comeback led by back up quarterback, Fitzpatrick, versus the Cardinals after Winston went out with a shoulder injury. Time was just not on the Bucs side that game. Then against the Bills Winston was back, but again time failed them as the Bills scored giving them back the led with 3:12 left in the 4th quarter.

The Panthers who are 4-3 carry many similarities to the Bucs team, the dominate edge the Panthers will have heading in to this weekend’s game is they have a healthier defense than the Bucs currently do, especially with the recent announcement of Noah Spence being out. Both offenses have forces to be reckoned with. Carolina has put rookie RB, Christian McCaffery to full use with 44 receptions, 329 yards, and 2 touchdowns, the only downside to McCaffery’s stats is his 2.5 yards per carry average on 45 rushes…but the Panthers have shown red zone efficiency, which can be a threat to the Bucs defense.

Earlier in the season, the Bucs were showing their ability to own the red zone with tight end, Cameron Brate. As the season continued that became predictable placing a target on Brate. The Bills secondary definitely picked up on that last week, shutting Brate to — touchdowns. As the attention focused on Brate the Bucs began relying on rookie tight end, O.J. Howard, who attained 2 touchdowns against the Bills, keeping the Bucs in last week’s game. As we all know and have seen, Tampa Bay has the reliability of wide receiver, Mike Evans, who as of this week has 34 receptions, 459yards, and 4 touchdowns.

This is projected to be a very close game with a 2.5 margin. If Cam Newton takes advantage of the Bucs many defensive absences due to injury, then I see the Panthers taking the win Sunday. But the Bucs are in need of a win, so I have to take Tampa Bay.

Buccaneers 24-21.

Thursday Night Showdown: Superbowl Champs, The New England Patriots versus an Impressive Uprising Tampa Bay Bucs

Tonight at 8:25pm ET, we have two talented teams on a short turn around from Sunday to a big game this evening in Raymond James Stadium.

The Bucs are coming off a tight win against the Giants where they pulled off the victory with a last minute field goal from Nick Foles. Bucs quarterback, Jameis Winston played an impressive game completing 300 passing yards. The Bucs offense has withstood most of the hype when it comes to their offensive trio Evans, Jackson, and Brate. The Bucs defense is still a little short handed due to injuries, but they still have a more reliable defense than the Patriots in comparison.

We all know how the Patriot story goes, how do you beat Belichick and Brady? Although New England is currently 2-2, we know Brady will pull out all the stops to bring his team to victory, but will it be enough versus an impressive uprising Bucs offense? The Patriots defense has let up an average of 456.8 yards per game. Winston gains more confidence with each game and his efficient weapons, due to the Bucs strong offense and decent defense I see the Bucs pulling off another close win tonight.

34-31, Buccaneers.

Giants versus Bucs Preview


This Sunday, October 1st, The Giants will be in Raymond James Stadium with every intention of resurrecting their 0-3 record against the Buccaneers. As the Bucs try and redeem themselves from their 34-17 loss to the Vikings.

In last week’s tough loss, the Bucs did lose many key defensive players to injury and it looks as if the Bucs will be playing against the Giants without Lavonte David and Kwon Alexander, McCoy will be a last minute decision. If that is the case then it will be a tough game for the Bucs seeing that the Giants offensive weapons Odell Beckham Jr., Sterling Shepard, and Evan Engram can be disruptive without a strong secondary to pressure them.

the Giants have an offensive line that still needs work and the Bucs quarterback, Jameis Winston has moments of inconsistency. With that said, I believe this game is going to come down to a battle of the defenses. Which team can contain the others offensive long enough to pull off a close game.

I’m taking the Giants 31-28.

Bucs v. Viking Game Preview


The Tampa Bay Bucs are coming off of a big win versus the Chicago Bears last week and heading to Minneapolis to face the Vikings whom last season carried one of the best defenses in the league. When comparing the two teams health wise, the Vikings will be starting back up quarterback Case Keenum due to NFC player of the week, Sam Bradford battling a knee injury and the Bucs will be playing without one of their best linebackers and an effective piece of the defense, Kwon Alexander.

These two teams carry similarities between strong defenses, but when it comes to offensive weapons, the Bucs are stronger in the passing game and the Vikings are stronger in the run game. Winston showed effective utilization between Evans, Jackson, and even Brate last week and the Bucs defense did well containing the Bears attempt in the run game.

Vikings offensive weapons are players, Adam Thielen, Dalvin Cook, Stefon Diggs, and Kyle Rudolph, after rushing for only 91 combined yards last game, if the Bucs defense can contain as they did for the Bears, were in for a close game. Although Winston had 0 turnovers last week versus the Bears, Winston is know for his 33 turnovers within 2 seasons, which are scary statistics when competing against the Vikings solid secondary. Winston’s line is going to have to maintain their protection for him to keep the interceptions to a minimum.

If Winston lights up his trio and the Bucs defense play up to last week’s momentum I believe we will see Tampa Bay rise to 2-0 this Sunday. 27-24, Bucs.