Giving Back

“When given an opportunity to live a life we love, we should transfer that love in the form of giving back”
– Kasey Hudson

When there is so much to love about sports, it’s safe to say the comradery is one of the biggest appreciators. To see all waves of people come together with passion and joy. Sports teaches us that we are stronger together, that we are all a team regardless of our backgrounds, and that together we have the ability to make great strides.

This is a platform to honor the change we can make in our communities, that will resound through the nation.

Many athletes and small business are the pillar and faces of foundations, charities, or groups that want to make a difference. This will be a platform to voice the difference they make, foundations they support, and/or groups dear to their heart, so you have an opportunity to support alongside them!

What’s life with passion and compassion? Below you’ll find each athlete by team and business by association. Thank you for joining to make a difference and be a community hero!

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

Mike Evans 
Bucs Wide Receiver

Mike Evans started his foundation in 2017. The Mike Evans Foundation is passionate about supporting educational development. The foundation will develop a college scholarship program for graduating high school students from low-income families in need of financial assistance.
Learn more at: Mike Evans Foundation

Chris Godwin
Bucs Receiver

Chris Godwin and wife Mariah DelPercio started the Team Godwin foundation to help community pets in need and raising funds to give animals lifesaving treatments. The program also promotes the importance of animal adoption.
Learn more at: Team Godwin

Justin Watson 
Bucs Wide Receiver

Justin Watson and his family had an opportunity to be a Make A Wish family and share a beautiful experience with his older brother Tommy, who was born with cerebral palsy. Watson paired up with Give Kids the World Village once he got to Florida. Give Kids the World Village is also a wish giving organization and an 84-acre, nonprofit “storybook” resort in Central Florida. Giving children with critical illnesses and their families a weeklong, cost-free vacation. You can support alongside Watson and this amazing cause below!
Learn more at: Give Kids the World Village

Tanner Hudson 
Bucs Tight End

Tanner Hudson and girlfriend Karly Weatherly, alongside Hudson’s mother, go around their community assisting people with any needs they have. Hudson and Weatherly work on everything from housework, yard work, and errand runs that people may not have the ability to do or family to help them with. Hudson’s mother has fully funded this project beforehand. As the time comes to be a community hero again, we can support the Hudson’s and the difference they are making in their community by donating to a wonderful cause. Link will be available soon.
Learn more at:

Tampa Bay Lightning

Alex Killorn 
Lightning Winger

Alex Killorn says that education has always been important to him, he has worked with the Hillsborough county education system a lot. Killorn wants to give kids who don’t have Wi-Fi, iPads, and/or educational resources a chance to get the education they deserve. The Tampa Bay Lightning Winger started a Dock Talk series during quarantine, which gained immediate popularity inspiring Killorn to make Dock Talk t-shirts that with each purchase, proceeds go to Hillsborough county education.
Learn more at: Dock Talk T-shirts

Tampa Bay Vipers

Dee Mount 
Vipers Linebacker 

Small Businesses 

Soho Cycling

Soho Cycling gives more than just a good sweat. This studio is big on giving the community more than what they walk in the doors with. Soho Cycling produces makes is a priority to raise awareness and proceeds for many causes within their community. If there is something you are passionate about, this is the place to honor that and have fun with it. The Soho staff works endless to bring passion and compassion together. Interested in putting on a ride for something you love? Check out the contact info and event page link below.
Learn more at: Soho Cycling Events
Get info at: Contact Soho Here

Lux By Adriana


Kasey Hudson 
The Sports Kase 
FNN Sports Reporter 

After the loss of my step dad to pancreatic cancer and the recent loss of my best friend, a beautiful and fearless soul. You will find my constant support to raise money and bring awareness to NPCF, Wounded Warriors, Children with Autism and work with the education system. 
Learn more at: 

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