About Kasey Hudson

cropped-work1.jpgKasey Hudson is a Sports and Entertainment host and reporter. She is currently the lead sports contributor for Florida National News and Vegas Sports Daily. Kasey kicked off her career covering the Under Armor All American game, March Madness, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers Draft Party with 1340am Fox Sports Radio. After a year with Fox Sports radio, Kasey joined Florida National News as a lead sports contributor covering, Tampa Bay Bucs training camp, Buccaneers home games, Orlando City Soccer, Orlando Magic, UCF football and Daytona 500.

In the 2nd year of Kasey’s career she worked with a sports app, as the face of Yellfy Sports and worked her 1st Super Bowl week for Super Bowl 51 in Houston, Texas. Kasey has continued working with Florida National News covering the Bucs 2017 season, 2017 Cure Bowl, 2017 Camping World Bowl, and the 2017 Citrus Bowl. Coming up you can expect to see Kasey in Minneapolis, Minnesota covering Super Bowl 52, NBA All-Star weekend in LA, March Madness, American Conference, Orlando Magic, the 2018 NFL Draft, and the 2018 ESPYs!

Back story of Kasey’s Career choice. Kasey Hudson, Founder of The Sports Kase, began her sports journey very young. Her mom worked for the Miami Doplphins and her step dad nearly played for the Cincinnati Reds, but ended up in the Air Force. Aside from her parent’s passionate pursuits, Kasey played many sports, starting with gymnastics for 13 years, dance, cheerleading, figure skating, soccer, and tennis!

Being a military brat, sports kept her plugged in and helped tremendously with making friends in new places. After later settling down in Tampa Bay, she focused on cheerleading and soccer throughout high school. Fortunate enough she had some partial scholarship offers out of state, but chose to stay in Florida. Kasey’s pursuit into sports broadcasting began nearly a year and a half after she started college due to her constant travels to Florida State University every weekend to watch her brother play defensive end for FSU.

September 17, 2011, Oklahoma versus Florida State was the game the change Kasey’s life. She saw College Gameday for the 1st time, along with one of the best games FSU has played. The whole experience lit a fire in her and a career change opening her eyes to the world of sports broadcasting! Stay tuned with Kasey Hudson and her brand, The Sports Kase, through Florida National News, Vegas Sports Daily, and all social media platforms: The Sports Kase !

“The Sports Kase is a sports casting blog talking about all things sports, from updates, stats, scores, to entertainment with anyone who is just as passionate and enthusiastic about sports as I am!” 

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