Bucs on the Up and Up?

When evaluating the Bucs 2019 season one thing was apparent, they needed more consistency on offense. Tampa Bay needed less penalties and a quarterback that didn’t turn over the ball, so the hype of Tom brady becoming to the new QB1 fired off a lot of hope in Bucs’ fans. With hope sometimes comes some far fetched expectations, like playoffs and Super Bowl contenders?

Week 1 was a solid test of faith as the season opened up with the Bucs hitting the road for a big in division game against the Saints. Two top quarterbacks faced off and it was Drew Brees that had the most success with his offense who put up 34 points versus the Bucs 23 points. Brees threw for 160 yards and 2 touchdowns, while Brady threw for 239 yards, 2 touchdowns, and 2 interceptions. This game stirred up many questions that got silenced in week 2 when Tampa man handled another in-division opponent, beating the Panthers 31-17 and lightning up Teddy Bridgewater with 5 sacks. The winning momentum carried into weeks 3 and 4, then came the wrench in week 5 with a tough 1-point loss to the Bears.

After losing to the Bears, it was time to host a flawless Green Bay team, who were favored to win by 4+, which was not the case, the Bucs played one of their best game in franchise history, literally… Tampa Bay beat the Packers 38-10 and had zero penalties for the second time ever. Brady has been consistent in post-game pressers to say that they need to continue building and working on cleaning up their executions. Week 7 was the next test, a 3-2 Raiders team that put a dent in the Super Bowl winning Chiefs undefeated run would not be the easiest win. The Bucs headed out west with the healthiest team they have had since week 1 and improved their record to 5-2 with a 45-20 victory, Tampa’s 5th out of 7 games where they put up 30+ points on their opponent and Brady progressed to throwing for 369 yards, 4 touchdowns, and 0 interceptions.

The Bucs are favored to secure their 6th win of the season in this week’s upcoming prime time game versus the Giants Monday night. The players are not underestimating this match up, especially after giving up their lead last season and losing to New York. Linebacker, Devin White mentioned in an earlier press conference how that was a tough loss to watch from the sidelines. The only obstacle the Bucs will face will be losing wide receiver, Chris Godwin again, after he fractured his finger Sunday and will need surgery. Tampa has shown week in and week out how well they execute the “next man up” mentality regardless of who they lose. After conversations began circulating Saturday evening, yesterday the Bucs officially signed 7x pro bowl wide receiver, Antonio Brown to a 1-year deal with a base salary of $750,000 and incentives adding him to one of the most stacked position groups in the league.

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