Tom Brady, Officially Official.

Officially, official. Tuesday at noon, the Tampa Bay Bucs held a conference call press conference introducing Tom Brady as the Bucs new starting quarterback, along with head coach, Bruce Arians. The floor opened up to the press with much anticipation and eager questions.

Coach Arians started off stating his excitement for having Tom Brady come to Tampa Bay. Arians said that he’s not only happy to have Brady for his known skill set on the field, but because of what he does for his teammates off the field and the leader he is in the locker room. Later in the press conference coach Arians put some lingering pre-free agency questions to rest in regard to Winston’s considerable future with the Bucs or how considerable his future actually was. Arians said, “Brady was our number one priority in the free agency, he can do everything we want to do in our offense”.

Once Brady addressed the press, he had an overall motto for each question, “one day at a time”. Brady said that he is in a position he has not been in since he started his career in the NFL, having to learn new terminology. Brady continued on saying that he hopes his experience in the league and at quarterback will translate, so he can help this team win. As to the why Brady chose Tampa, he said that he respected the players and coaches’ obvious willingness for one another and to win. He has watched film on the Bucs when preparing to go against them for many seasons and has begun watching more film now. Brady said that the Bucs have a great offense for quarterbacks, wide receivers, and tight ends. As to how he will contribute to this great offense, Brady said, “football is about getting the ball to the guy who can do something with it. I got to be able to deliver and learn these players’ body language”.

It’s clearly not an ideal to transition in a time where social distancing is in effect, so the curiosity rose as to how Brady was going to begin to get to know his new teammates and begin establishing chemistry and relationship with them. He said they’ll find ways to communicate and get to know each other and hopefully meet up. Talking with them will help him learn, especially because they’ve been playing in this system. Brady mentioned that his time and energy right now needs to be focused on getting up to speed. He will be playing in a new division and one known for its talented defense. All in all Brady left New England with much gratitude and is ready to focus forward on the new opportunity at hand. Brady closed saying he’s prepared to give all of his commitment to helping this team and is just excited to get started!

The excitement is mutual between Brady, the Bucs staff, and fans. It is undeniable the potential that lies ahead for this team with a quarterback like Tom Brady. We’ve watched his skill escalate when given weapons and Evans, Godwin, Brate, and Howard are just that. Not to mention the stellar defense the Bucs have managed to keep together re-signing top players of the 2019 season. The talent will officially be on both sides of the ball. All that is left to do now is execute.

With that said, Tom Brady…Welcome to Tampa Bay!

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