Will Tom Brady be the Super Bowl solution for the Bucs?

TB21 seasons into his career, Tom Brady ends one significant era to begin another… 6x time Super Bowl champion announced Tuesday evening that he will no longer be a part of the Patriots organization. Moments after the announcement, news circulated that Brady made a principle agreement with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for roughly $30M a year. Upon finalization, this could not only be a promising move for the Bucs, but for the Tampa Bay community. 35 minutes after the agreement was announced, ticket sales went up thanks to excited Bucs fans, leaving 972 people on the waiting list for 2020 season tickets.

Why are Bucs fans already so excited? Let’s strike a visual…Brady threw for 4057 yards and 24 touch downs in the 2019 season and that was somewhat under performing for the future hall of fame quarterback. Keep in mind Brady didn’t have many reliable weapons outside of Julian Edelman after the retirement of Rob Gronkowski and the trade of Danny Amendola. With that said, Tampa Bay closed the season ranked as the #3 offense with known weapons such as Mike Evans, Cameron Brate, and Chris Godwin, as well as, new weapons who stepped up in the 2019 season during unfortunate injury situations, Breshad Perriman, Tanner Hudson. We know how much Brady loves his tight ends, especially in the red zone, so imagine him having options like Cameron Brate, OJ Howard, Tanner Hudson, and potentially Jordan Leggett.

Coach Arians is known for being a quarterback coach and had some noticeable success with Winston in the 2019 season, so Arians and Brady should have a beneficial connection for the team. The next focus for the Bucs to really make this team stand out is for Tampa to get a big back for Brady to hand off to and a more reliable offensive line to protect the Bucs new QB. The offensive line will be even more crucial this season and with a quarterback like Tom Brady. Brady isn’t as fast out of the pocket. Not that we saw much movement out of Winston this season, but he’s still more notably mobile than Brady, but when it counts, we’ve seen Brady find some wheels, granted at 43 years old we don’t want to put him in continuous pressured situations.

The icing on the cake, the 2021 Super Bowl is in Tampa. Between turnovers and injuries the Bucs feel short of playoff, but the potential was there. If the players can maintain their health and with a competitive quarterback like Tom Brady who is no stranger to Super Bowls and Championships, the Bucs can have a strong shot at being Super Bowl contenders in their own city. All in all Tampa’s in for an exciting ride.

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