And the Streak Extends to 8 Wins for the Lightning!

The first home game of 2020, the Lightning returned home with a 7-game win streak under their belt and prepped to host the Vancouver Canucks in hopes to extend their streak. The 1st period opened up in a mild manner. Both teams trying to find their footing and both goalies making significant saves. It wasn’t until under the final 2 minutes of the 1st period that a goal was finally scored. Getting on the board first was Vancouver, thanks to Elias Pettersson.

Heading into the 1st intermission down 1-0 to the Canucks, the Bolts must have had a motivating pep talk. The 2nd period opened up and in less than 5 minutes, Hedman found Palat, Palat found Johnson and Johnson found the net for his 10th goal of the season. Tying up the game, fueled up the Lightning. Another five minutes of play in the 2nd period Point set up Stamkos to score his 17th goal of the season. Vancouver’s Eriksson tied up the game in response to Stamkos’s goal, but it was Alex Killorn’s speedy unassisted goal that ignited the Bolts to let off the gas. The Lightning solidified 3 goals in under a minute! Verhaeghe took the Bolts to 4 goals, Then Kucherov knocked the score up to 5-2, and with 1:58 left in the 2nd period Cernak with a slap shot closes the period with a 6-2 lead.

3rd period meant 3 more goals for the Lighting. After the attack the Lightning led against the Canucks goalie in the 2nd, it was clear they got in his head. The Bolts defense and exemplary goalie, Vasy stepped up holding the Canucks off from any scoring opportunities, creating a lot of frustration for Vancouver, which showed. Brayden point relentlessly shooting on goal scored top shelf 4:37 into the 3rd period and then it turned into the Verhaeghe show as Carter Verhaeghe got 2 more goals for the Lightning projecting the score to a 9-2 lead and gifting the audience with his 1st NHL hat trick! The fans began tossing their hats into the rink in celebration of Verhaeghe’s successful night and career milestone.

The playoff conversation is beginning to sing a different tune for Tampa Bay… Now with an 8 game winning streak the Lightning set their eyes and intentions to make the streak 9, as they host the Arizona Coyotes at 7pm Thursday evening!

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