Predators at Lightning Pre-season Game 3

Bolts Coach Cooper

Tonight, was the night, not only did the Bolts score, but they beat the Predators 3-1. In the first period, fearfully the Predators got off an early goal at 15:32 in a power play, setting a similar pace and energy as games one and two. Continuing into the first period, the Lightning were not getting as many shots on goal as their opponent and received two penalties. Frustrations flared as the Bolts attempted to step up, but the Predators’ goalie, Saros blocked some impressive shots challenging the Lightning.

Second period, coaching corrections were more apparent. Lightning came out with more passing and structure causing the game speed to pick up. We saw a lot more hustle out of Alexander Volkov, Carter Verhaeghe, and Danick Martel. As the second period closed out the Bolts still didn’t mark the board, but the third period brought a lot more aggression and persistence. The Bolts picked up speed, forcing the Predators to match pace or fall behind and Nashville fell behind.

Volkov tied up the game, encouraging a momentum the team used to close out the game. Head Coach, Jon Cooper said that Volkov had a solid game, stating that Volkov shot it tonight and that’s what happens when you shoot it. With just 38.6 seconds left in the game Nikita Kucherov scores a goal securing the lead and then with 15.4 seconds left he hits another goal, burying the lead and confirming the Lighting victory for pre-season game three.

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