Browns vs. Bucs Pre-season Game 3

Browns v Bucs Pic1The Tampa Bay Buccaneers remained home as the Browns came to Raymond James for pre-season game 3. As we all know pre-season games are just a sneak peak into what we can potentially see from our favorite teams this season, depending on what the head coaches need to evaluate in each game. As excited as both Bucs and Browns fans were for last night’s match up, Browns head coach, Freddie Kitchens did not play his 1st string guys much, especially once the first quarter wrapped. Where as coach Arians had quarterback, Jameis Winston in the whole first half of the game before bringing in, Blaine Gabbert. In Winston’s time on the field, the quarterback was sacked five times! 2 of those sacks Winston took personal fault for in the post-game press conference stating that he needs to get out of the pocket faster and faster decision making, but what is pre-season for if not to learn and move forward.

As for more quarterback action, the ball began moving when quarterback, Blaine Gabbert hit the field in the second half of the game, creating progression for the Bucs offense before suffering a minor shoulder injury. Details on Gabbert will be release later next week. This put Griffin out in Gabbert’s place and quite frankly we finally started to see some football, starting with the Bucs getting into the end zone. There is an undeniable connection between Griffin and up and coming tight end, Tanner Hudson. Hudson’s name has come up a lot in pre-season, he has shown himself to be a key situational player for this Bucs offense, making some impressive catches against the Browns defense.
Browns v Bucs Pic2Speaking of defense, all eyes have been on the Bucs young and developing defense with much anticipation that draft and trade wise they have headed in the right direction. Last night the Bucs defense kept them in the game, the secondary especially! Tampa Bay’s defense let the Browns know there was no margin for error in the red zone and the endurance these players showed in 3rd down situations is what Buc fans have been waiting for. Stand outs in last night’s secondary were cornerback, Carlton Davis III and safety, Jordan Whitehead.
Heading into next week’s game, the final pre-season game versus the Cowboys, the Bucs hope to continue progressing their offense and applying coach Arian’s new tempo. As excited as everyone is to see new strides in the Bucs defense, we need to see more strides in the offense, beginning with pass protections. Stay tune as the Bucs head to AT&T Stadium, August 29th.

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