Bucs Training Camp 2019 has Begun!

Photo by: Buccaneers.com

Just like that, football is back! Thursday, July 25th the Tampa Bay Bucs returned to begin training camp for the 2019 season. The upcoming season holds a lot of anticipation due to the many moves made in the off-season, the most exciting one being the Bucs new head coach, Bruce Arians. Arians known for his previous successes with the Arizona Cardinals told Florida National News in May that he was bringing a new system and pace to the Bucs and felt confident with how the guys were already taking to the new tempo, but that training camp would be the tell all.

Day one of training camp opened with a press conference with Coach Arians telling us what he was expecting with this camp, coach stated that “the next two days were to see exactly what they have and where they stand as a team”. The team had their conditioning test that day as well and coach mentioned that so far, all the guys have reported back in great shape, but there has not been any confirmation of who is or isn’t injured heading into the 2019 pre-season. As important as it is to see the whole team when starting a new season, most importantly fans want to know what to expect from the rookies and how much of a role some of those guys will have. When asked about the rookies, coach Arians said that “this is the most mature group of rookies I’ve ever worked with in my 20-something years in the NFL”. Coach mentioned how impressed he was with serious they were and ready to get to work.

As we know from last season, the Bucs battled many issues trying to keep their top players healthy and creating some consistency on offense. After coach Arians, Quarterback, Jameis Winston, came in and of course there were plenty of questions about this team’s dynamic so far and how the new system is coming along. Winston responding by saying how excited he is to work with this new coaching staff and learn even more. They are in the process of still dumbing things down, so that they get this new tempo down pact. Winston was asked about his progression from last season to this season and he said he is just focused on doing his job the best he can, so that he can help the team do better. He has already been working with the new receivers to start building that relationship before the season, but other than that he is focused and excited for this training camp, “Coach Arians is a players coach, it’s great how he’s able to relate to the players”.

The atmosphere at the Bucs facility is fresh and hungry! All of the Bucs players, old and new are on a clean slate with a new coach and a new system, so everyone has one job at this point to learn and apply, which is what training camp is all about and Florida National News will be there to see this new team grow!

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