Night 1, Round 1: 2018 NFL Draft


BucsdraftpicRound 1 on the 2018 NFL Draft was nothing short of exciting and with a handful of surprises for football fans per usual! The Draft opened up with a moment of silence for a fallen Dallas police officer and a know Houston Texans fan and a very special former first lady, Barbra Bush. After the moment of silence the national anthem was song by recording artist, Devon Gilfillian and then our NFL Draft hosts for the night greeted the fans, Colleen Wolfe and Mike Irving.

Wolfe and Irving then introduced NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, who is unfortunately still being welcomed with boos. Goodell came on stage to officially open the 2018 NFL Draft and start the clock for the Cleveland Browns to situate their 1st round pick. This turned out to be the first surprise of the night! Many mock drafts had the Browns taking quarterback, Sam Donald, Josh Allen, or Shaq Barkley 1st. Last minute there were rumors of the Browns going with Baker Mayfield. As the clock counted down and Cleveland’s pick rung in, the crowd went wild as Roger Goodell announced quarterback, Baker Mayfield as the number 1 pick, to the Browns. Not only was that a good pick, but also Mayfield is the first college football walk on to go number 1 in the draft, wow!

Barkley to the Giants was a given. The Jets sealed their need for a quarterback by drafting Sam Donald, a much better system fit and snag than the other quarterbacks originally predicted.

First up on the board for the Florida teams was the Bucs until they traded their pick to the Bills, leaving the first Florida team to pick being the Dolphins. Dolphins selected, Mink Fitzpatrick, a prospect many fans were hoping Tampa Bay would grab. With the 12th pick, the Bucs got their defensive player, just not exactly the secondary player most hoped for, but a force to be reckoned with on the defensive line, Vita Vea. As if the Jaguars defense could get anymore fierce, with the 29th pick, Jacksonville picked up defensive tackle, Taven Bryan. That pick was a little unexpected seeing, as the Jaguars need offensive line help and a tight end.

Round 2 will be shortly underway; lets see whom your teams select tonight!

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