2018 NFL Draft!!!

NFLD1On this exciting and life changing night we can’t wait to see where these hard working players end up to begin the next chapter of their football career. Tonight we’ll be keeping a special close eye on the home team picks, Tampa Bay Bucs, Jacksonville Jaguars, and the Miami Dolphins.

We know Tampa Bay is in the market to keep building their defense, starting with the secondary and then adding to the defensive line. The Bucs defense tried to hang in there last season, but was left helpless after many injuries and not much depth to step in. It would also be beneficial to the Bucs to add some additional offensive weapons to help out Winston and add more versatility to break down other teams defenses. The Jaguars are coming off one of their best seasons in years! As we all saw, defense is not a problem for them, as they were one of the best this past season. Jaguars made some surprising trades this off season and lost a few guys to free agency, so they will need to pick up some consistency on offense to assist Blake Bortles, starting with the offensive line, a strong tight end is needed and another wide receiver. After the quarterback shuffle that has taken place in Miami, Tanehill. Moore, Tanehill, Cutler… they need a franchise quarterback they can count on and with this quarterback class, they should take advantage. The Dolphins are probably also looking to add to their offensive line.

The time is now! Stay tune to see who the Florida home teams add to their roster!

It’s go time in Arlington,Texas at AT&T Stadium, Good Luck Gentlemen!

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