Free Agency Frenzy pt.1, QBs

The frenzied free agency Market opened up March 5th and it has been nothing short of surprising, yet exciting as usual. This year’s free agency frenzy may get a bit crazier due to the NFL’s team capital increases. Some teams will use that wiggle room to have the perfect depth the their team while other teams will richly pay specific players, more on those new fortunate faces later. Due to the upcoming 2018 NFL Draft class being one of the better quarterback class in a few years, many teams are seeking their new franchise quarterback, causing a lot of toss in the free agent quarterback contract or surprising trades.


Thus far we have had the Vikings trade Case Keenum to the Broncos on a 2-year, $36M contract for Trevor Siemian. The Broncos struggled last season with a consistently reliable quarterback, so after seeing what Keenum pulled off with Minnesota’s miracle season, Keenum could be of great use to the Broncos. Speaking of the Vikings the won the “auction” of former Redskin’s quarterback, Kirk Cousins paying him a pretty contract of 3 years, $84M guaranteed contract. Cousins has proven that he can perform, so with the weapons the Vikings offense has, it should be interesting to see how he excels with the Vikings. Teddy Bridgewater signed a 1 year, $6M deal with the Jets and recent sources say that Bridgewater’s former coach Zimmerman doesn’t believe that Bridgewater is 100 percent yet. Sam Bradford signed an up to $20M contract with the Cardinals, Blaine Gabbert signs with the Titans, and Chad Henne signs with the Chiefs a 2 year, $6.7M deal per source. The Browns sign Drew Stanton to a 2-year, $6.5M and still expected to pick up another quarterback in the 2018 draft.

With a newly announce Odell Beckham Jr. on the trade market, well update all the free agent and traded wide receivers next. Stay Tuned!

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