Rolling Stone did it again!

IMG_6895The Sports Kase had the pleasure of being on the red carpet at the beautiful set up of International Market Square, Minneapolis and interviewing A-list celebrities and athletes that all said, “attending the Rolling Stone Super Bowl party is a must”. Celebrities, athletes, and personalities such as, DJ Cassidy, Aly Raisman, 21 Savage, Emmitt Smith, Chris Humphries, David Johnson, Tim Tebow, Travis Kelce, and many more were excited guests of the 2018 Rolling Stone Party.

Can someone say intuition? because I have the opportunity to interview Tim Tebow, whom you would recognize as a former University of Florida quarterback, College Football analyst, and current baseball player. My gut had a feeling about the Eagles and their opportunity in Super Bowl 52, so I asked Tebow for his insight on how and why the Eagles will win? Tebow mentioned the success of the Eagles defense and to hear the rest, head over to Sports Kase and Vegas Sports Daily! 😉

Aside from the red carpet excitement was the party and entertainment itself! Migos showed us why they are platinum artist with their great performance, along with 21 Savage, and DJ Cassidy! Safe to say that Rolling Stone did it again and with the help of Talent Resources and their staff, another successful and rave worthy Super Bowl is in the books!


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