Giants versus Bucs Preview


This Sunday, October 1st, The Giants will be in Raymond James Stadium with every intention of resurrecting their 0-3 record against the Buccaneers. As the Bucs try and redeem themselves from their 34-17 loss to the Vikings.

In last week’s tough loss, the Bucs did lose many key defensive players to injury and it looks as if the Bucs will be playing against the Giants without Lavonte David and Kwon Alexander, McCoy will be a last minute decision. If that is the case then it will be a tough game for the Bucs seeing that the Giants offensive weapons Odell Beckham Jr., Sterling Shepard, and Evan Engram can be disruptive without a strong secondary to pressure them.

the Giants have an offensive line that still needs work and the Bucs quarterback, Jameis Winston has moments of inconsistency. With that said, I believe this game is going to come down to a battle of the defenses. Which team can contain the others offensive long enough to pull off a close game.

I’m taking the Giants 31-28.

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