Tampa Bay Bucs’ New Renovations Reel in Fans

Headline: What Kind of Renovations____ Reel in More Sports _Fans

Summary: In the beginning of the 2016 season the Tampa Bay Bucs were in the mist of stadium renovations to not only better the looks of Raymond James Stadium, but to add to fans taste bud desires as well. When interviewing Bucs, COO, Brian Ford, Brian explained how the stadium and menu renovations would help fill more seats. Brian stated, “We’re looking to sell these games out”. 2016 will be the tester of the new additions, but 2017 will state whether the new additions drew in more fans.

Lead: The National Football League advises teams on way to lock in and increase fan engagement. 4 out of 6 of the recommendations have to do with stadium appeal, concession options, and technology.

Paragraph 1: Teams thrive off sales and sales come from die-hard fans that you can count on to fill the stadiums seats. In the NFL every team has multiple quarter reviews to see how well games are selling. When ticket sales seem to plateau or decrease then staff strategist begin working on marketing appeals to bring back old fans and increase new ones. _____The main marketing strategy teams lead with is renovating or adding to their team stadium, a home away from home for sports fans. This means spicing up the concession menu, craft beer varieties, and at the top of the list a “digital experience”.

Paragraph 2: In January of 2016, the Tampa Bay Bucs needed a pick me up. Tickets were selling for as low as $20 for lower level seats. To draw the fans back in the Bucs COO and staff surveyed fans to see what new additions or fixtures would appeal to them most. After receiving feedback, the Bucs staff voted on what renovations they would bring in and had a media day reveal. During the reveal and tour lead by Brian Ford, the media learned of the new cameras they added to the field to give fans a 360 preview from 115 cameras and angles for instant replays. This idea was to increase fan engagement during tough play calls. Next on the tour was the new larger HD screens put up in the stadium, alongside the new mini screens displaying all social media interaction. After the amazing new displays was the taste testing of the new menus, YUM! During an interview with COO, Brian Ford, he mentioned that they wanted to come up with food ideas so unique that fans count on coming in on Sundays to satisfy their cravings. Some of the new and intriguing food for example were, funnel cake fries, fresh shaved brisket BBQ, fried ice cream, taco bar and different rice bowls for a healthy option.

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Paragraph 3: Throughout the 2016 season the Bucs staff monitored the fan engagement from the new renovations, claiming the 2016 season to be their “tester”. What is the real confirmation the Bucs staff seeks? The 2017 pre-season ticket sales, after getting feedback from fans and keeping an eye on ticket sales Brian Ford said that pre-season sales will show if the fan based has picked up. According to a marketing and sales employee with the Bucs Ms. Taback, sales have already significantly picked up and an even better indicator of fan satisfaction was the increase in season ticket and suite sales for the 2017 season!

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