About me :)

Hey Everyone! Sorry for the time lapse. As I get back on top of my post I wanted to open up with an about me and why I am in the sports world, pursing sports broadcasting and surprise! Analytics.

I am Kasey Hudson, Founder of The Sports Kase. My sports journey began very young. My mom worked for the Miami Dolphins before I was even born and my dad nearly played for the Cincinnati Reds, but ended up in the Air Force instead, so you can say sports is in my blood. Aside from my parent’s passionate pursuits, I played many sports growing up. Starting with gymnastics for 13 years, to dance, cheerleading, figure skating, soccer, and tennis!

Being a military brat, sports kept me plugged in and helped tremendously with making friends in new places. After later settling down in Tampa Bay, I focused on cheerleading and soccer throughout high school. Fortunate enough to have some partial scholarship offers out of state, I chose to stay in Florida. My pursuit into sports broadcasting began nearly a year and a half after I started college. I traveled to Florida State University almost every weekend to watch my brother play and sat with the boys I grew up with, you can say the lingo and observations began to impact me because soon enough I was keeping up with the guys.

In September of 2011, I went up to FSU to watch a huge game of the Seminoles versus Oklahoma. College game day was live covering the games and my friends and I went to watch. Moments after waiting everyone starts screaming and going crazy chanting Erin, Erin, Erin. I didn’t know what the big deal was until I saw her and then heard her speak. My guy friends looked at me and said that’s the job I should be doing. Not only was that one of the best games I’ve ever attended and a tough loss for the Seminoles, but the whole experience lit a fire in me and opened my eyes to the world of sports broadcasting and I’ve been working hard to be the best I can be ever since. So join me and my brand, The Sports Kase, on my Sports Broadcasting journey, you won’t be disappointed!

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