NFL Alumni Pro Bowl Party


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Party at Mangos. This event was a must with all kinds of headliners from Hall of Famers such as, Jack Youngblood (Rams), Kellen Winslow Sr. (Chargers), Larry Little (Dolphins), Jamele and Michael (His and Hers), Santana Moss (Redskins), to active players such as Brandon Meriwether.

While heading the media for the NFL Alumni and Yellfy Sports I had the pleasure to interview many of the headlined celebrities and athletes. I spoke with Kellen Winslow Sr. about Pro Bowl location and what it is like for him to be at the Pro Bowl after the mark he has made in the NFL. I spoke with Larry Little about his foundation and difference between football in his time versus now.

The event was an ultimate success and a great experience. You can catch all the great interviews on .

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