Pelicans v. Magic

magic-v-pelicansAn exciting preseason close out for the Orlando Magic tonight beating the New Orleans Pelicans, 114-111. Orlando’s head coach Frank Vogal mentioned ahead of the game that he really wanted this win, so that the team can carry confidence into the home opener.

Starting off the Pelicans came out strong and face paced, maintaining majority possession. The Magic took a most of the game to find their rhythm. With 8 turnovers in the first half and struggling with the shooting game, Orlando had some catching up today from a near 20 point deficit.

In the 3rd quarter, Orlando kicked it into another gear. Forcing many turnovers, maximizing on rebounds, and Evan Fournier finding a reliable 3 point rhythm. Between the Magic’s defense and the scoring game picking up, Orlando tied the game to take us into overtime.

The Magic simply controlled overtime, stepping up the passing and shooting game. Taking the largest lead they had the whole night, until New Orleans nearly caught up, but fell short with 3.9 seconds on the clock.

Although there is much to improve on, Orlando showed that with time and effort this team will compete. It’s safe to say Orlando should take on opening night, Wednesday versus rivals, Miami Heat.

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