ESPNU Campus Connection Feature,Smackdowns to Y-Sneaks


I got the pleasure of interviewing University of Central Florida tight end, Cal Bloom, for ESPNU Campus Connection. When you look at a player like Cal Bloom you just see football, little did fans know that Bloom is who he is today due to his unique background and up bringing. UCF tight end, Cal Bloom, is recognized in a football uniform, when his father is recognized in another, one of a professional wrestler by the name of Wayne The Train Bloom. Wayne Bloom was a tag team member of the well known group, The Destruction Crew.

In the interview and story about the Bloom’s Wayne explained how being a national champion weight lifter opened the door to his wrestling career. Wayne grew up pushing himself to be better than the best and when he started competing everyone saw the best in him. Wayne had the strongest back in Minnesota, deadlifting over 800 pounds. A long time friend of Wayne’s saw potential in him and helped him hone his craft in wrestling. Wayne had a successful and well know career in the WWE before retiring while Cal was young. Wayne says he was happy with the timing so that he could be there for his boy. Due to Wayne’s Career and upbringing, how did this effect Cal?

“Being raised by a professional wrestler was different, I didn’t go to day care and stuff, I went to wrestling camp and the gym with my dad. He taught me how to work hard and push yourself past mental limitations” said Cal Bloom. We asked Cal how this pertained to football? Cal told us it’s something he lives by, “there is always room for more work to be put in, heavier weight to be lifted, and extra running, it taught me there is always more that can be done, in everything you do”.

In the video package Bloom goes into about specific things that pushed him to be the man and the football player he is today. Cal Bloom just completed his final season with the Knights and will be training to part take in the 2017 NFL Draft. Keep an eye out for this prototype tight end in the near future! ESPNU Feature, UCF Tight End, Cal Bloom

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