Week 7 Power Rankings

Heading into week 7 there are some not surprising, as well as, some surprising rankings. Leading the week 7 board, no surprise, the Minnesota Vikings. Minnesota has the best defense in the league right now, which always helps. The Vikings also have Sam Bradford, who has been a steady and accurate quarterback for Minnesota. I believe Bradford will get more comfortable and stronger as the season goes on, only making the Vikings a better team.

Next we have the Patriots, another non surprising rank. Tom Brady has shown that suspension didn’t set him back at all. Brady’s return has been against limited competition, so we’ll see where the Patriots stand after meeting with the Steelers. No doubts that Brady will fight for that win.

week-7-picAt number 3, the Dallas Cowboys. Dak Prescott has officially made himself a rookie role model. Stepping in strongly for Tony Romo, taking the cowboys 5-1. Let’s not leave out another powerful rookie, Ezikel Elliot. The offensive line are creating beautiful gaps for such a dominant runner, such as Elliot.

Following the Cowboys we have the Seahawks. Honestly, we’ll see how long that last. Although the Seahawks found a better rhythm this past weekend and their defense has been about 75%, they’ve had many spastic games. Aside from that we all know it’s how you finish, not how you start. So we will see how Seattle progresses.

Lastly in the top five, the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons have shown promising strides and this past weekend was a tough, tough loss to the Seahawks. Apart from the loss, Atlanta has been consistent on both sides of the ball. Matt Ryan having reliable targets in Julio Jones and Devonta Freeman, as well as their secondary stepping up as a unit.


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