The Knights headed to Hartford, Connecticut with one goal in mind, bringing home a win. This was an important AAC game for both teams. UCONN needed to win to stay in the title race and UCF need this win after a tough loss to Temple last weekend, as well as, to keep a strong spot in conference rankings. UCF won the coin toss and deferred the ball.

UCONN made great use of the deference, gaining enough momentum to get in field goal range within their first possession. Then after an unsuccessful fake punt by the Knights, UCONN got great field positioning to put up another field goal. Once UCF got the ball they made way down the field, until UCONN defense held the around the 30 yard line. UCF attempted to respond with a field goal of their own and missed.

Snelson got in the end zone for UCF, towards the end of the 2nd quarter, putting them on the board finally 7-13. Then the Huskies put up another field goal prior to the half. With just 7 seconds left on the board, Milton gets a huge pass off to Akins for a touch before the half. Returning from halftime, Milton found Adrian Killings for a great pass down the middle back in to the end zone. Finally the Knights got their 1st lead of the day.

As the 3rd progressed UCF was held to putting up one more field goal. Leading into the 4th, the Huskies were close many of times to getting back on the board, but fell short. Closing out the game 24-16, giving the Knights a much needed win. Next week UCF is back on the road for maybe their hardest game yet, Houston.

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