UCF v FIU Game Preview

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The Knights are heading down south to take on the FIU Panthers at 7 pm ET tomorrow. Recapping last year, the Knights sadly fell to FIU at Bright House Stadium 15-14, but UCF not only has a new look, but the exciting new system. After UCF’s tough loss last year, you can bet the Knights will enter this game with a chip on their shoulder and a new starting quarterback, Milton Mckenzie.

Starting offensively, Mckenzie started last weekend versus Maryland, although there were a few too many fumbles and too much time holding the ball, Mckenzie showed a great read of the field, strong scrambling skills, and a lot of potential. So what to expect this Saturday? UCF has been working on increasing their running game, to switch up from a predominate spread game. Especially after seeing the speed on running Adrian Killings against Michigan. Also, versus Maryland the Knights got a big pass to tight end, Jordan Akins and two attempted touch downs to tight end, Cal Bloom. As UCF gets more familiarized with their new system and qualified players, I am sure were looking to see all types of plays executed out of this system. Defensively, UCF has played aggressively. Between the Griffin brothers disrupting plays and racking up some turnovers, Pittman and Brim have done a solid job on making key tackles.

The Panthers will have a chip on their shoulder as well, looking for their first win and against a team they beat last season. FIU probably plans utilize their top receiver, Stanley Thomas, Alex Gardner, and Austin Maloney and mainly a spread system. Hopefully with help from their 2 strong linebackers, Davison Coliman and Fred Russ. FIU hopes to slow down UCF, allowing them to get and maintain a lead on the board. But with the assessment of both systems and potential they both carry, I am taking UCF for the win 33-10.

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