Kasey Hudson’s Mock Draft Round 1

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Prime time, The NFL Draft, an event that carries one of the top ten highest audiences, averages nearly ten million viewers on day 1 round 1 alone. A day of immense significance to not only the hard working men praying for their pay off, but the dedicated fans looking towards hopeful winning seasons. It’s that time of year again as the draft kicks off next week, April 28th through April 30th.

  1. Rams- A lot of analysis have Carson Wentz as their pick, which I don’t mind at all. Wentz and Gurly can create a useful dynamic, Wentz is quite athletic and I can see him being their starting quarterback.
  2. Eagles- I think the Eagles gave up a little too much for this number two pick, especially if they are going to take a quarterback after extending Sam Bradford’s contract. I truly believe there are some pretty good quarterbacks that they could have snatched in the second or third round. The remodeling that the Eagles are attempting, they need to use their first few picks to build around their current quarterback. I would like to see Notre Dame’s offensive tackle, Ronnie Stanley in Philly.
  3. Chargers- I love the idea of Jalen Ramsey going to San Diego. The Chargers sadly have been consistently mediocre for years now. Philips has had repeating results on the offensive side of the ball, so i’m hoping that if they can step up and get a disruptive secondary we can see the Chargers go a bit further then usual.
  4. Cowboys- Ezekiel Elliot! We saw what the Cowboys can do with a dominate running back. It would be beyond wise of them to replicate that success. In rounds two and three though, they are in desperate need to begin looking for Romo’s replacement.
  5. Jaguars- Personally, I feel Blake Bortles has continued to progress at quarterback and he’s pretty impressive with his composure and shuffling out of the pocket. Most people would have a lineman here, I would like to see him have more passing options (that can actually catch!), but they could save that for later rounds. More importantly the Jaguars defense could use help in my book, so I’d place Joey Bosa in Jacksonville.
  6. Ravens- Baltimore would probably find it useful to start with their offensive line. After losing some like Michael Oher in 2014, Joe Flacco has definitely seen more ground time than usual. He needs more protection to do his job. I think Larmey Tunsil could be a great fit for the Ravens. A second round focus would need to be cornerbacks.
  7. 49ers- As the Niners situate their quarterback status and incorporate Chip Kelly’s style, I could see them focusing of the defensive side of the ball, Oregon’s Deforest Buckner would play nicely into San Fransisco’s system.
  8. Browns- If the Browns collected another quarterback without figuring out their system I will scream. They currently have two quarterbacks who will battle it out for the starting position, but the best part is that these two quarterbacks have two completely different styles. SO, their offense already has to be easily adjustable, yet they don’t have a solid offensive line or many weapons to throw to. PRIORITIZE PLEASE. I would start with the line, Ohio State’s Michael Thomas.
  9. Buccaneers- Vernon Hargreaves. Tampa Bay let up WAY to many points last year. They could use more help within their secondary and later on maybe even a pass rusher.
  10. Giants- Defensive line, Mississippi State’s Chris Jones. Then later snatch a tackle and cornerbacks.
  11. Bears- Jarran Reed, a fierce defensive tackle coming out of Alabama. Later rounds it’s time to relieve Cutler.
  12. Saints- Louisville’s defensive tackle, Sheldon Rankins. Saint’s have to make some replacements defensively, starting with the line.
  13. Dolphins- Even though the Dolphins extended Ryan Tanehill’s contract, they should really consider grabbing a quarterback. This draft I would say has a lot of developmental quarterbacks, there’s a lot of potential in most of them. But I see them adding to the defensive side of the ball, Ohio State’s cornerback, Eli Apple maybe.
  14. Raiders- OLB, Leonard Floyd.
  15. Titans- Offensive tackle for sure. Mariota needed protection last season. Michigan State’s Jack Conklin could work very well Michigan graduate Taylor Lewan!
  16. Lions- Defensive line, they lost some key players over the past few seasons. Clemson’s Kevin Dodd would be a good fit.
  17. Falcons- Atlanta had a pretty nice run last season, especially thanks to Devonta Freeman. If they could strengthen their defense we could see the same if not better progress this season. Ohio State’s Darron Lee at OLB.
  18. Colts- Offensive tackle, Taylor Decker.
  19. Bills- They could use an effective pass rusher. Clemson’s Shaq Lawson is very a versatile defensive end and Rex Ryan loves to aim for a solid defense.
  20. Jets- Defensive, the Jets had some impressive comebacks this past season, but lacked efficiency on the defensive side of the ball! Alabama’s OLB Reggie Ragland could be a huge asset to the Jets.
  21. Redskins- Redskins need help on both sides of the ball, but I would start with defense. Alabama’s defensive tackle A’Shawn Robinson.
  22. Texans- Defensive got the Texans as far as they got for sure. I would stack offensively. With a huge player like DeAndre Hopkins, I personally would like to see the Texans add value in the wide receiver position. Baylor’s Corey Coleman.
  23. Vikings-The Vikings’ defense surprised me last season, so I would like to see them give Teddy Bridgewater more options. TCU’s wide receiver, Josh Doctson may be an impressive fit for them.
  24. Bengals- After losing receiver’s to free agency, the Bengals need to replace those positions early. Notre Dame’s Will Fuller could be a worthy pick.
  25. Steelers- NO JUDGING :). Personally, I would LOVE to see Paxton Lynch go to Pittsburgh. Big Ben has had the fare share of injuries to overcome and with two superbowls under his list of accomplishments, realistically I think it’s perfect timing to incorporate his successor. Lynch has got the frame to work beautifully in the Steelers system and he would have a season or two to learn from such a great quarterback.
  26. Seahawks- We all know Seattle looks to be defense central, so to be safe i’ll go with a defensive tackle, Mississippi’s Robert Nkemdiche.
  27. Packers- The Packers just picked up tight end, Jared Cook in free agency. Cook, who originally ran a 4.49 in his combine. Many analysis have Arkansas’s tight end, Hunter Henry as a fit here, but Jordy Nelson should be back and healthy and Jared Cook will be a good end for Green Bay, so I wouldn’t grab Henry. I would see them adding defensively UCLA’s OLB, Miles Jack could dominate here.
  28. Chiefs- Kansas City found a great offensive rhythm last season, so for them I would go with a secondary pick up, Houston’s cornerback, William Jackson III.
  29. Cardinals- Palmer is getting up there, so I could see the Cardinals looking for their next franchise quarterback and I think Jared Goff could match up well.
  30. Panthers- I would have put a wide receiver, but with Kelvin Benjamin returning and losing Josh Norman to free agency, I see them picking up a corner. Miami’s Artie Burns.
  31. Broncos- Connor Cook. I don’t see the potential for Mark Sanchez in Denver. Clearly the Broncos were still in the market for a quarterback after negotiations for Collin Kapernick fell through, but with the receivers they have Cook could play in their system. Look at Michigan State’s system in comparison, Cook is an intelligent quarterback, who showed very good athleticism.

After following mock draft’s the past month, most of us could guess what the obvious picks will be, but this is just what I would like to see in the 2016 draft. With trades already taking place and a few more up in the air, I will release round two mid week next week.

I’d love to hear everyone else’s mock drafts and feedback, Tweet your predictions to @1340amfoxsports or my personal handle, @thesportskase 🙂


The Sports Kase, Kase Closed!

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