Are you Fantasy Football Ready?


Hey Sports fans! I hope you all are as excited for football season as I am! Especially with fantasy football leagues now open, so why not get ahead. My colleague has helped me with a break down of fantasy football players to look out for and snatch up. We’ll be doing break downs every week until leagues are closed. Then after that weekly predictions will be broken down on here also to refer back to after the show. So are you all ready for Fantasy Football Sports Kase addition?

Tier 1:

QBs: A. Rodgers, A. Luck, R. Wilson, B. Roethlisberger

RBs: A. Peterson, E. Lacy, M. Lynch, J. Charles, L. McCoy, L. Bell, M. Forte

WRs: A. Brown, C. Johnson, D. Bryant, J. Nelson, D. Thomas, J. Jones

TEs: R. Gronkowski, J. Graham, J. Thomas, M. Bennett

K: S. Gostkowski, C. Parkey, S. Hauschka, M. Crosby

D/ST: Bills, Seahawks, Jets, Texans, Rams

Tier 2:

QBs: M. Ryan, C. Newton, D. Brees, P. Manning, T. Romo, T. Brady

RBs: D. Murray, J. Forsett, M. Ingram, C.J. Anderson, A. Morris

WRs: R. Cobb, O. Beckham, A. Jeffrey, M. Evans, A.J. Green, E. Sanders, T.Y. Hilton

TEs: G. Olsen, J. Witten, C. Fleener, D. Allen, Z. Ertz, D. Walker, T. Kelce

K: A. Vinatieri, D. Bailey, C. Barth, J. Tucker, M. Bryant

D/ST: Cardinals, Broncos, Ravens, Dolphins, Packers, Browns

Players to Draft Earlier Rather than Later:

QBs: R. Tannehill, T. Bridgewater, M. Mariota, C. Palmer

RBs: T. Gurley, T.J. Yeldon, J. Hill, J. Randle, A. Abdullah, C.J. Spiller

WRs: B. Cooks, A. Cooper, J. Matthews, M. Bryant, J. Landry, B. Perriman

TEs: C. Clay, H. Miller, O. Daniels, T. Eifert, A. Seferian-Jenkins

Players Worth the Wait:

QBs: J. Winston, J. Flacco, S. Bradford, E. Manning, C. Kaepernick

RBs: T. Coleman, G. Bernard, L. Murray, A. Ellington, A. Foster (injured), D. Martin, D. Woodhead, F. Jackson

WRs: A. Johnson, K. Stills, Ch. Johnson, D. Green-Beckham, P. Harvin

TE: J. Hill, K. Rudolph, V. Davis, L. Green, J. Reed

Rookie Steals/Late Round Pick:

QBs: J. Winston, M. Mariota

RBs: T.J. Yeldon, T. Coleman, A. Abdullah, D. Johnson, J. Ajayi, D. Cobb, D. Johnson

WRs: A. Cooper, K. White, B. Perriman, N. Agholor, D. Parker, D. Green-Beckham

TEs: Maxx Williams

Necessary RB Handcuffs:

A. Foster and A. Blue A. Abdullah and J. Bell

J. Randle and D. McFadden R. Jennings and S. Vereen

L. Miller and J. Ajayi I. Crowell, T. West and D. Johnson

J. Hill and G. Bernard D. Martin and C. Sims

M. Ingram and C.J. Spiller T. Gurley and T. Mason

M. Forte and J. Langford M. Gordon and D. Woodhead

D. Murray and R. Matthews C. Hyde and R. Bush

A. Ellington and D. Johnson L. Murray and R. Helu

A. Morris and M. Jones L. McCoy and F. Jackson

J. Charles and K. Davis L. Bell and D. Williams

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More later!

The Sports Kase ❤

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