Afternoon Insight !

Good Afternoon Sports Fans! 

Sorry it has been awhile, hectic past few days!

Anyway Afternoon update for today, As we’ve all mostly heard Sean “Diddy” Combs was arrested and charged with assault of a deadly weapon yesterday after getting into a confrontation with his son’s UCLA coach, , and allegedly grabbing a kettle bell to assault him with. Combs is currently out on bail as the situation is further looked into. Regardless of what took place on the field, at the end of the day the field is no place for parents! Parents cannot help but to be protective and take things personal in account for their children. No matter what that case was, Combs should have taken up the issue with the head coach or attempted a calmer confrontation with . This is not a good look or help for his son Justin, and money and fame cannot buy him success in sports, Justin has got to earn hi own strips here and personally Combs just made his son look incapable of handling the situation, if it’s that bad..transfer.
And then there was Tom…Tom Brady arrived in New York this morning for his appeal hearing of the four game suspension that will lose him 1.8 million dollars. As Brady pleads his innocence in the deflategate issue, hopefully he can keep the smirks off his face and giggles in his throat to a minimum so that he is taken more seriously. More on that later.
College World Series Finals are here! and Vanderbilt (surprise, surprise) took the first win yesterday in the opener beating Virginia 5-1. A beautiful way for Carson Fulmer to finish his career with Vanderbilt, Fulmer held Virginia to two hits and struck out eight over 7⅔ shutout innings. Now a new chapter begins, as the number 8 pick to the Chicago White Sox, Fulmer, Congrats! We will see tonight if Virginia has a response to Vandy and I am thinking they will.
The Women’s World Cup is looking promising so far for USA, taking a 2-0 victory over Colombia last night, but that did not come without tons of cards being thrown. Two of those affecting the USA causing them to lose Rapinoe and Holiday after receiving their second yellow cards. USA is known for the depth, which will have to be proven in the next match against China Friday. USA has beat China the last 10 matches they have faced off, so Friday looks favorable depending on how they play without Rapinoe and Holiday!
us co
and last but not least, NBA DRAFT is two days away! Who are you all taking for the top five picks? 🙂

More later!

The Sports Kase ❤

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