Teamwork Verus The Big Three or One Man Show?

A Big Congratulations goes out to the Golden State Warriors this Wednesday Morning!
What a series it was for the NBA Finals, looking back at games 1-3 through how many people thought that hats would be off for the Warriors?

After game five of the series there was a lot of warnings to “beware of LeBron”, but I think the better warning should have been beware of teamwork! This year and last has confirmed that having a solid TEAM, is more efficient then a big three or in this case “the man who can do it all…” LeBron James is an incredible player, but no one likes a one man show regardless of how much he can do alone and what separates LeBron from Michael Jordan is the fact that Jordan was a reflection of his team.

I respect that LeBron lost Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving, but he did have other talent to utilize, but as a leader you have to draw the drive out of them. How many people do you know who would continue to play hard when all that’s being discussed is one player on the team? The other potential talent the Cavs had looked so uninterested to be their half of the time. Prime example, JR Smith, guy looked like he could care less about the finals, but at times that were a little late JR showed that he was capable of stepping up and helping his team.
Does LeBron James cast a bigger shadow than a genuine leadership mentality? If your team doesn’t feel like you trust them to help you, how does that affect a player’s will to play with you and for you…
Moments like 4 minutes and 24 seconds in the fourth quarter of game 5, show me that LeBron doesn’t trust anyone to make the plays he wants, the Cavs had the opportunity to tie up the game and James was completely boxed out by Iguodala and needed to pass the ball, but still attempted to press in for the shot! The Cavs need to find a unity if they want another shot next year, they didn’t look like a team to me. Granted everyone’s defense is LeBron doing it alone but was that a choice?
lebron le2
Great teamwork, hustle, and trust pulled off the series for the Warriors. Andre Iguodala is the first player since 1978 to win the Finals MVP while averaging less than 10 PPG in the regular season! After announced Finals MVP, Iguodala made the best comment on how and why the Warriors won, “different guys won different games”. Proven so true by not only their win last night, but by their three game streak in the NBA Finals, it takes a team of guys who want to play for each other! Even though the Spurs had their three big players, it was every guy that stepped on that court that contributed to last years win.
All in all it was an enjoyable series that surely kept us all guessing who was going to take it and who the real MVPs were!

The Sports Kase ❤

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