Blackhawk Dynasty <3

Morning Sports Fans and even happier Chicago fans!

As of last night the Stanley Cup Finals came to an end, announcing the Chicago Blackhawks as their winning team for the third time in six years! Congrats to the Blackhawks and their fans!


The Blackhawks had an impressive yet special performance last night, winning their 1st Stanley Cup in front of hometown fans in Chicago for 1st time since 1938, as well as Towes handing the cup off to retiring teammate Kimmo Timonen, who has suffered from blood clots in the past, which nearly ended his career.

Timonen tells reporters in post game interview last night, “I’m leaving this game as a Stanley Cup champion,”. And what a way to finish!
Last night was a tough game to watch for lightning fans, especially with the lightning not being able to put one in the goal. Tough. Last night was the first margin of more than on goal in the entire series. Clearly meaning that the competition was quite even, but the lightning got so hell bent on defending that they did not attack the goal enough. Against a fast pace team like the Blackhawks with such dominating forwards and aggression, you have to have a better game plan then defending alone. The Blackhawks were putting up nearly double the amount of shots on goal and Patrick Kane was predicted to be hungry for a goal, which his was the nail in the coffin with 2:06 left in game 6, Kane had an impressive pass from Brad Richards sealing the deal!
I understand and respect that the lightning felt they had to over defend to spare injured Bishop in the net, but that’s where you have to take the risk and trust goalie Andrei Vasilevskiy and pull Bishop or trust Bishop in the net and have your forwards and wings level out with your opponent. There is no protection in the Stanley Cup Finals and that was proven with the 2-0 shut out from the Blackhawks last night!

I wish Bishop the best recovery and hats off to him for playing with a torn groin this series!

Lightning still put up a great fight this Stanley Cup Playoffs and Finals, but maybe next year guys.

The Sports Kase ❤

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