A Lot of Cramping, A Little Blood, and A Whole Lot of Passing!


finals 2

NBA Finals game four was a heck of a game! So for those of you who read yesterday’s post and prediction, clearly last night was not much of a close game.

The Warriors looked alive last night! They picked up the pace, carrying a pretty big lead for the end of the first quarter and majority of the second quarter. There’s was more rapid passing between them, which was great and if anyone noticed they used the same pass play majority of the game. For instance, A quick pass out to right or left to Green or Iguodala allowing them to set up for a shot as Curry, the point guard came down the middle they made a quick pass for him to shoot or take it in, granted if Curry was pressed defensively he would make another quick pass to the outsides (Green and Iguodala) for the shot! Can you say the three pointers were back in action!

This play definitely had the Cavaliers a bit scattered, they were not expecting the Warriors pace. The Cavs had a small catch up before the half and in the third quarter scoring 28 points, 6 more than the Warriors that quarter, but the Warriors kept maintaining their lead and the pace the second half. Recreating that gap on the score board the Warriors scored 27 points in the fourth quarter, where the Cavs only hit 12 points. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post the Warriors other top players had to step up and they did! Allowing Curry and Igoudala to score 22 points each and Green with 17 points!

Second half LeBron James had a spill, after going toe to toe under the net, James lost his balance into a camera man where he gashed his head on the lens 🙈. Ouch! He shook it off for his foul shots after stopping the bleeding, then headed to the bench to regroup himself and add some glue to the wound. James later received stitches on his head after the game.

Mozgov, Mozgov, Mozgov, I’m telling you he’s going to be a name to remember here soon. He was a good help yet again last night for the Cavs with 28 points last night, even though it wasn’t enough.

Looks like Dellavedova’s coffee break didn’t help the team 😉

All in all the Golden State Warriors took game four winning 103-82 last night! are the odds still against them? Or are the Warriors looking more champion worthy after last night? seeing as how they need to win the next game, we’re definitely looking at a seven game series.

Neither of these two teams are my team, so may the best team win, but I told you underdogs make a good game 😉

stay tuned !

The Sports Kase ❤

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