I Believe That We Will Win?

Hey World Cup Fans!

Alright, So team USA kicks off against Sweden tonight at 7pm and has already been predicted to win group D “the group of death” in the World Cup with an 86% chance. Meaning their chances of winning tonight are looking pretty good, but it won’t be that easy.

This is a much anticipated match up! Tonight’s game has a lot of amp behind it seeing as Sweden’s head coach, Pia Sundhage used to be the USA women’s team head coach in the last World Cup where she took the ladies all the way to the finals against Japan and lost.

Sundhage left even after being asked back by the American Federation, on a note of “mixed emotions”, rumored issues and animosity with certain players on the team such as Hope Solo and Amy Wambach. So it’s safe to say USA will be taking the pitch with their war paint on to prove to their former coach that they can get the job done.

Aside from being a top team and ranked number 5 in the world, another advantage for the Swedish team is having Sundhage. Due to Sundhage’s time with the USA team and their team roster remaining the very similar since then, Sundhage is well aware of the USA’s key players and assets in the game. Now I am sure the USA has already taken that into consideration and prepared for it, but the great part with soccer is there is no keying on a particular player without losing your line of defense and creating an opening for other players. So I’m calling tonight as a very even match, both teams have great executers.

The USA having forward, Sydney Leroux, great speed, stamina, and in on a lot of assists, Mid-fielder, Megan Rapinoe, smart player, good a controlling the field and scoring (had two out of three goals last game), forward, Amy Wambach, struggled a bit the first game against Australia, but is over all one of USA’s sharp shooters, forward, Alex Morgan, coming off of an injury, saw some small playing time in the end of game 1 versus Australia, so we should expect to see her again tonight, but probably towards the end again, Defender, Ali Krieger, she kicks butt in the back field and is definitely a big communicator out there, Goalie, Hope Solo, all in all the best goalie in women’s soccer still ! Solo will be the US’s edge tonight, obviously if she can lock down the goal then all the US has to do is score.

The Sweds are pretty well off themselves, they are known for being quick and keen on utilizing tight spaces to press up the field with players such as, Lotta Schelin and Sofia Jakobsson, both forwards for the Swedish, Jakobsson is a player who will rip many shots at the goal. Defender, Nilla Ficher, in the back field she is a very strong defender for the Swedish team and is not afraid to come up and score.

Two tough teams and a little rivalry should make for a solid game tonight, I’m giving USA the win by 1 goal! What are you guys predicting?

The Sports Kase ❤

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