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First quick thought/post while I am on the run,

One of the most exciting times of the year is about us again aside from football playoffs and super bowl! currently we’ve had an exciting build to the Stanley cup, wrapping up with the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Chicago Blackhawks (no surprise) battling for the cup! the series is currently tied 2-2 as of last night. I’m hoping Tampa Bay can pull off game five (being a Tampa native and all) !

Then we have the all exciting NBA Finals, where the Cavaliers are now leading the series as off two nights ago. The Cavs game plan to shut down Curry has been more efficient then the Warriors attempt to shut down LeBron James, so hopefully the Warriors can game plan to get Curry open or Green, Thompson, and Igodala have got to step up big if they want a fighting chance in these finals.

Short thoughts for now!

Stay tuned!

The Sports Kase ❤

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